Fashionable Sustainability

To kick start my ‘fashionable sustainability’ series, I wanted to talk about why we need to start changing our ways when it comes to fashion. I’m sure you’re all aware of environmental issues involving global warming, but not many think about the issues of fast fashion. Clothing is so cheap that people can afford to buy something, wear it once and then throw it in the bin. Clothing has de-valued in terms of cost but our love for our clothes has also been affected.

I was blissfully unaware of how much I was absorbed in to this system of fast moving trends, until I attended a lecture about the issues of mass produced clothing. We were asked to pick our favourite item of clothing to analyse why we value it and it suddenly dawned on me that I have hundreds of pieces of clothing but I could not pick one thing that I really valued. I always thought that I was too emotionally attached to my clothes to get rid of them (even with heavy persuasion from my mum to sort out my wardrobe!), so to then realise that there was nothing I actually loved made me feel a bit silly!

my wardrobe

Throughout these posts, I will share my research and thoughts, and I hope to inspire you to be more sustainable and ethical with your fashion choices.