My top 5 tips for being a more sustainable and ethical shopper!

It would be unrealistic to ask people to boycott fast fashion stores but there are things we can do without being so drastic.

  1. Create yourself a timeless style:

By this I mean pick shapes that are flattering on your figure, buy items that have been in fashion for years – like a classic pair of jeans, plain white cotton tee, a pleated A-line skirt in a solid colour, a classic trench or mac and simple pumps.

Also, by buying plain garments (not patterned or in a trendy colour), the item cannot be outdated by the print. If you do want prints (who doesn’t?) then a classic nautical navy and white stripe will always look classy

  1. Avoid ‘Trend’ pieces:

If a piece is heavily influenced by a trend then the chances are in a few months, it will be the opposite of ‘fashionable’. So if you don’t spend £30 on that heavily embroidered fluted sleeve top, then you won’t be £30 down and so last season in a few months’ time, win win right! I’m kidding, its ok to buy ‘trend’ pieces just don’t completely overhaul your wardrobe every time a new trend emerges.

  1. Upcycle:

To gain extra sustainability points… when buying your trend pieces (like the embroidered top), you can pre -plan what you could do with them after. Maybe a nice cushion cover or something else crafty.

  1. Invest in quality:

This one kind of speaks for itself. For example, if you invest in jeans from a reputable brand then they are more likely to last. I would recommend Levi’s because they have recently started their ‘tailor shop’ which offers free length alterations and patchwork repairs so that your jeans can last even longer.

  1. Buy second hand:

By buying second hand pieces you are giving that garment another lease of life. Also by picking up a vintage or retro piece at a charity shop, you’re kind of  buying a piece of history.

Blogger and writer Anuschka Rees, has also written a lot about this topic and last year she even released a book, The Curated Closet. If you’ve been interested in this post you should check out her blog. I found this image on her Pinterest account and felt that it supported the point I’m making perfectly.