Why do we need a sustainable system?

Today I just wanted to address what I mean by sustainability and to give you some facts and figures that might make you reconsider the way you dispose of your clothing.

For something to be sustainable its life cycle must be long and at the end of its use it should help the next generation of the cycle. By this I mean if the cotton for a t-shirt is grown organically and then is died with non-toxic chemicals, after the end of its life as a t-shirt, it could be broken down and re-used to make another cotton product. If we could develop a more sustainable fashion system we could dramatically reduce the amount we waste at landfill. Currently the UK (and most of the world) is overflowing with waste, it’s been reported that 235million items of clothing  will make their way to landfill during this year’s season of spring cleaning! It has also been estimated that 350,000 tonnes of clothing that is sent to landfill is worth around £140million . These figures really shocked me, and I think even the people out there who don’t care about the amount of waste, might care about how much money is literally being buried within the piles.


war on waste
BBC- Hugh’s War on Waste


The BBC did a three-part series on the UK’s waste in 2016, Hugh’s War on Waste. It is not solely fashion related but it is an interesting watch.